Earol: Is it better than waxsol? The Verdict

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Earol: Is it better than waxsol? The Verdict


Tired of using wax softening drops with harsh chemicals?

Are you fed up of having no success with the drops?

Are your ears itchy or blocked?

Finding the right wax softening drop can be a slippery slope – there are countless to choose from!

Low and behold Earol Olive Oil Spray…AKA, your new best friend. Earol is a wax softening solution which consists of 100% medical grade olive oil. All natural, no chemicals or nasties included.

The unique fine mist delivers a discrete unit dose of medical grade olive oil into the outer ear, preventing over application and significantly reduces spillages.

Earol products are:

  • All natural
  • A softener of impacted and compacted wax
  • Recommended by GP’s, nurses and leading audiologists

If you are someone who has undergone micro-suction in the past, you’ll find that this olive oil ear spray both increases the effectiveness of those sessions and decreases the need for you to have them as frequently. Olive you so much, Earol! 

So, the final verdict – is Earol better than other wax softening drops? Does it work? Is it painless no matter how many times or days you use it for?

We say, YES, YES…and YES.

Disclaimer: Do not use this product if you have an ear perforation or have allergies to the ingredients listed. Use as directed by your pharmacist, audiologist, doctor or nurse.

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