Q> Do I need to put drops in my ears for days for this procedure?
A> Good question. When you have syringing at the doctors you need to oil your ears for days. However we can just clear them on the day without drops if it is a moderate build up. However, with young children we do recommend placing drops or olive oil in the ears a few days prior to the procedure for an easier removal as children generally create harder wax unless they have a hole in the ear drum..

Q> I’ve never had a problem with wax until I got a hearing aid, it whistles and I find it annoying. Why does this occur?
A> Hearing aids sit where the wax is made in the ear, the wax can stop the sound of the tiny receiver getting through the ear canal and cause feedback (whistling). When this occurs, it’s time to have the wax removed.

Q> I’ve had ongoing problems with itchy ears, can you help?
A> Sure, itchy ears can be caused by a variety of conditions and irritants . Dry  wax can cause alot of itching, see us for removal of your wax

Q> I get terrible pain when flying in airplanes, will having my ears microsuctioned help?
A> If your ears are blocked with wax, yes removal will help. We offer a full assessment of your ear health history and we can suggest tips on reducing ear pain while flying.

Q> I hate getting my ears syringed, it makes me so dizzy that sometimes I vomit, will this happen?
A> This is a general comment from people who experience a lot of vertigo with water syringing. However, the disturbance to their balance with microsuction is very minimal.

Q> I wear ear muffs every day for my job and my ears are getting blocked 1 to 2 times a year. Why?
A> Good on you for looking after your hearing. Ear muffs heat the ear canals up by 700% for some people this make the ears produce extra wax and it needs removing. Studies have shown a build up of ear wax can decrease your hearing by 10 to 25db which causes a mild to moderate hearing loss, so it’s important to have your ears cleared for safety reasons.

Q> Why are there no testimonals on your website or facebook page?
A> Unfortunately it is a breach of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s policy for a nurse to endorse himself/herself for financial gain. Section 133 of the National Law states that a person must not advertise a regulated health service using testimonials about the service or business. The ear cleaning clinic has had many clients who have written a testimonial and would love to have this displayed, however it is against the law to display these.

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