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Our Company

The rise of everyday technology use in our lives has brought about a wax problem. We’re always putting devices in our ears, and over our ears, such as; ear plugs, communication in ear devices, ear muffs and phone headsets.

General Practitioners prefer to avoid syringing ears (with water) due to a high risk of negative side effects, therefore patients are being instructed to use waxsol to clear their ears. Unfortunately, this method only generally only succeeds for a few days, then the pain, itching, and blocked-feeling returns.

Micro-suction is a quick, safe and gentle procedure that uses no water. It’s so gentle our Ear Nurse Specialist’s perform this procedure on 2 year old’s, people with infections, or those who have previously had ear surgery. Micro-suction ear wax removal is similar to the procedure that Ear Nose and Throat Specialist’s perform to remove ear wax and/or foreign objects.

Our Ear Nurse Specialists are Registered Nurses with over a decade of experience clearing ears using the latest micro-suction technology. You may not even notice your hearing has reduced due to gradual wax build up! Come and visit us so you can hear better, and feel better.

As we are situated in central Gold Coast, we see a wide range of clients – including many locals and visitors of the Gold Coast from not only Australia, but world-wide!


Audiologists and GP’s refer and recommend both adults and children to our clinic – a referral is not necessary.

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