Surf Ears, Ear Plugs for Surfers

Do your ears take time to clear after being in the water? There could be a build up of wax and/or sand. The most effective way to clear your ears is with microsuction, especially if you have surfers ear.

Surf Ears plugs help to keep the water out while letting sound in. They are $65 and we believe they’re the best on the market.All the surfers are wearing them!

If you you have surfers ear (exostoses) we can clear your ear so you can enjoy your time in the water and provide you with some basic educational advice to help prevent sore ears.

We stock Surf Ears plugs. Pop into our clinic today and have a look at these amazing plugs, and we offer a free check, unless your ears require suction.

We also stock and fit Docs proplugs for $35 per pair. These proplugs were created by a Doctor specifically for swimmers to help aid in preventing infection and to protect your ears from the cold water. They come in 8 different sizes, so we can customise them to your ear shape and size. These plugs are great for children with ventilation tubes.

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