What is Microsuction?

It’s the safest way to clear ears. The Nurse uses a Surgical Headset and has a highly magnified view of the ear. Using a gentle low vacuum pump with a cannula attached to it, the wax/debris can be precisely suctioned out of the ear canal. No water is used! It’s not just wax we remove, but anything that enters the ear, such as; cotton buds, and domes off hearing aids. Sometimes there is an underlying infection causing weepy discharging ears. A build up of old wax and skin can cause extreme itching. We may suggest referrals to an Audiologist. If you have a discharging ear along with medicated ear drops from your Doctor, having suction can clear the infection faster.

Micro-suction is procedure for everyone but is especially important if:

  • You’re a child (We see children from 2 years and over).
  • You have had Ear Surgery
  • You wear Hearing Aids, Ear Wax removal is required every 3 to 12 months to optimise your hearing aids
  • You have a hole in your ear drum
  • You are prone to dizziness
  • You have narrow or kinked ear canals
  • You have surfers ear or swimmers ear


  • If you have a discharging, infected ear along with ear drops from a Doctor, having suction will clear the infection faster

Why see an ear wax removal nurse?

Do you have, or use any of the following ?

  • Blocked ears
  • Itchy ears/ eczema
  • Reduced hearing
  • Wear hearing aids or ear plugs
  • Painful ear radiating pain to the jaw
  • Clicking sound when you swallow
  • Something stuck in the ear
  • Weepy ear (an outer ear infection)
  • Pain while flying on aeroplanes
  • Feeling off balance – impacted wax can be the cause of this

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