What is Microsuction?

Micro-suction is a safer method of ear wax or foreign object removal – it is suitable for children (from the age of two), people who may had ear surgery or perforation in the past, and can aid in clearing ear infections. The Registered Nurse wears a Surgical Headset with a bright light and highly magnified view of the ear. Using a gentle low medical vacuum, the wax, debris, or foreign object can be precisely suctioned out of the ear canal. No water is used!

How can we help with itchy ears?

A build up of old wax and skin can cause extreme itchiness.

However, sometimes there is an underlying infection causing weepy discharging ears, Ear Cleaning Clinic can clear the debris – this will help to clear the infection faster along with medicated ear drops.  Our Registered nurses can make recommendations regarding the correct medicated ear drops (prescription from your personal GP required) to manage or help clear the ear infection – a swab may be taken if the condition is persistent.

Our Specialist Ear Nurse Gold Coast may suggest a referral to; an Audiologist, General Practitioner, Ear Nose and Throat specialist, Osteopath or Alternate health professional.

Micro-suction is procedure for everyone but is especially important if:

  • You’re a child – we see children from 2 years old
  • You have had ear surgery
  • You wear hearing aids – ear wax removal is required 1 – 4 times per year for H/A wearers
  • You have a hole in your ear drum (perforation)
  • You are prone to dizziness
  • You have narrow or kinked ear canals
  • You experience surfers ear or swimmers ear


  • If you have a discharging, infected ear:  Having micro-suction can help to clear the infection faster, as it allows the medicated ear drops prescribed by your GP to fight infection on a smaller surface area of debris.
ear wax

Why see an ear wax removal nurse?

Micro-suction is great if you…

  • Have blocked ears
  • Experience itchy ears / eczema
  • Are experiencing hearing loss
  • Wear hearing aids or ear plugs
  • Are having pain radiating  from your ear to the jaw
  • Hear clicking sound when you swallow
  • Have a foreign object stuck in your ear (hearing aid dome, cotton bud, bug etc)
  • Have an outer ear infection or surfers ear
  • Experience pain while flying on aeroplanes
  • Feel off balance – impacted wax can be the cause of this

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