Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
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Consent for treatment
A written signature is sufficient for consent of this procedure, this can be found at the bottom of your Ear Health Assessment form when you visit us for an appointment. A consultation with the Ear Nurse Specialist Consent for treatment of minors, or intellectually disabled will not considered legally competent to make decisions on their own behalf, will be obtained from a parent, or power of attourney who must provide written consent.

Complications of ear wax removal with micro-suction is extremely uncommon. However the possible complications, side-effects and risks in the procedure include: Incomplete removal of ear wax, requiring a return visit in 3-7 days (fee $55). This is generally due to: severely impacted wax, wax that has been forced down the canal and too uncomfortable to remove, or children are unable to sit still (causing distress)

  • Vertigo or Nausea
  • Increased tinnitus
  • Discomfort
  • Hearing Loss
  • Canal trauma, perforation of the ear drum or minor bleeding
Our ear nurse completed Ear Nurse Specialist Training in 2008, member of the Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Nurses Inc.

To ensure the risk of complication is avoided, it is imperative that your medical history provided to our Ear Nurse Specialist’s is accurate. Additionally, it is important that you remain reasonably still during micro-suction, as sudden movement may significantly increase the risk of the complications listed above.

CHILDREN: If wax has not been softened adequately prior to appointment, the Registered Nurse may deem the procedure too risky due to the child being in distress (unable to remain still etc.), therefore the wax may not be able to be removed. Referral to an ENT specialist may be recommended. Please click on the CHILDREN tab to review more information regarding preparation prior to a child’s appointment with Ear Cleaning Clinic.

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